GoGreen solar-charger-controller
GoGreen Solar Charge Controller at a glance

PWM Technology

Su-Kam's Solar Charger Controller is a system with advanced MOSFET based PWM Technology. The term "charge controller" refers either to a stand-alone device or a control circuitry integrated one within a battery pack, battery-powered solar device or a battery recharger.

The controller is for off-grid solar systems. This protects the battery from getting over charged using the solar module and over discharged by the loads. The charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance.

The comprehensive self-diagnostics and electronic protection functions prevent damage from installation mistakes or system faults.


  • Excellent EMC design
  • Nominal system voltage automatic recognition.
  • High efficient Series PWM charging, increases battery life and improves the solar system performance
  • Use MOSFET as an electronic switch, without any mechanical switch.
  • Widely used, automatically recognizes day/night.
  • Graphics dot-matrix LCD screen and HMI (human-machine interface) with 4 buttons, integrated menu display and operation.
  • Humanized design of browser interface, for convenience of operation.
  • Full control parameters setting and modification, diversified load control mode.
  • Gel, Sealed and Flooded battery type options.
  • Adopt temperature compensation, correction algorithm for charging and discharging parameters automatically and improve battery life.
  • Electronic protection from overheating, overcharging, over discharging, over load, and short circuit.
  • Reverse protection: any combination of solar module and battery.