GoGreen Solar Grid-Tie Inverters
GoGreen Solar Grid-Tie Inverters at a glance


  • If you have a large shadow-free area on your terrace and you do not experience many power cuts you should install grid-tie system as you will be making huge saving on your electricity bill.
  • If you live in a state that offers attractive net-metering policy then on-grid solar is an obvious choice. For example, in Bangalore the state offers a high rate of Rs. 9.41 per unit.
  • If you are a commercial establishment then solar will ease your soaring electricity bill. Businesses usually pay a higher rate to electricity companies so going solar will be a good financial decision.
  • School, college or any business whose operating hours are during the day, can immensely benefit from grid-tie installation as they will be paying NOTHING to the electricity company. They will be able to run their entire load directly though solar during the day.